Rooms on the Premier Floor are low-profile luxurious European style with elegance and cosy facilities. The business center, Connect 7 is also on the Premier Floor, which provides privilege business travellers modern and convenient working and conference facilities.

Connect 7 serves coffee, tea, beverages and snacks which provide you energy when battle with busyness.

Location:15F,Opening Hours:07:00-22:00


Stylish House brings you breathtaking surprise and extremely romantic atmosphere from the luxury and modern design with purple, red and black elements!
Location:1F,Opening time:06:30-09:30


A perfect place for outdoor events: new product launch, music party, joint promotion and social activities.

Dimensions & Capacities:
35m(l) x 9.5m(w)

More Information:
TEL: (02)5572-0770 #1682

Laundry Room

Dear customer:

The hotel has a laundry detergent NT$30/package.
If you have any needs, please go to the counter on the LOBBY Floor to buy it. Thank you!

Location:15F,Opening Hours:07:00-22:00